Monday, September 13, 2010

Motion blur - eff you

This week's assignments are all about shutter speed, motion blur, and freeze frame. Why is it SO hard for me?

Here's what I turned in.

I'm bummed that this is under-exposed. But you can see how the last shot is more "freeze" frame and the first is more motion blur.

 It literally took me all day to find shots that I actually liked. I took pictures of the little water feature in the center of my apartment complex, the pool, wyatt in the bath, A TOILET FLUSHING, water pouring out of a bottle, and finally water coming out of the faucet. I just want to be GOOD. Ah! I literally pray at night to have natural talent (this is not a cry for compliments, so please don't give them). But I really want to practice as much as I can. I love photography so much and could spend hours looking at other people's shots.

Are any of you taking Faith's class right now?

Sorry if that was completely nerdy and boring.

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