Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DJ Lance Rock - Thank you

Today has been such a slow and boring day! I downloaded a ton of Yo Gabba Gabba for Wyatt and transfered it all to the playstation. So we've seriously watched it since 7 am this morning. It's okay though. I secretly like it.

via - kspace.tv
I'm pretty sure DJ Lance Rock comes and visits my son in his dreams.

I seriously need to get a wide angle lens.
And we sat around and talked to Josh on skype for awhile too. That's always cool. We're down to less than 2 months now. I can't wait! It's right around the corner. This is always the hardest part. It almost feels like fast slow motion. It's bizarre. While you're going through it you can't believe how slow it's going, but then once it's over you're shocked that it's over already. Deployments are the weirdest things.

eating some watermelon, enjoying some dj lance.

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