Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good morning cry it out


I successfully did a night of "crying it out" and it wasn't so bad. And Wyatt did pretty good. I heard him wake up crying a few times, but it never lasted more than 20 minutes.... and then the next thing I'd know, he would be asleep again. This is a HUGE deal. He's never just given up when it comes to needing me for sleep. I have no idea how or why he did it.

I slept out on the couch last night so the crying would be a little muffled for me. I think that was my problem. I was too THERE for him and I would just fall apart at the sound of his shrills. So sleeping out in the living room was a good move. Why is he not in his own room you ask? Because his crib is giant and I didn't feel like taking the doors off the hinges to get it back in there... so, he gets my bedroom for now.

I woke up NATURALLY this morning at 7:40 and walked into my bedroom. He must of sensed me because he woke RIGHT UP. And he was fine. Smiling and happy. I instantly felt like I did the right thing by letting him cry it out. Thanks for all your support and motivation yesterday.

And this is what I get to wake up to!

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