Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today was an awesomely lazy Saturday. LOOK AT MY PICTURES.

Fake crying

Wyatt's first black eye. I really don't know how it happened either. He never cried or anything. I just looked and it was kinda there. I deserve a medal for that one.

This is how Wyatt rides in the cart now. I can't ever get him to sit still in the seat, so he gets to hang out in the back. 

I now pull the cart instead of push it so I can keep a hand on him. 

black eye 

I might have bought this because I liked the jar and the awesomeness of the label. Virginia made. I love that kinda thing.

Watchin' Spongebob and enjoyin' a pickle. Claussen of course. Only the best for Wyatt.

Sorry, but this is what a Mom looks like.

Okay, so who likes Louis C.K.? My friend Julie introduced me to him and I'm SO hooked. I've pretty much watched him allllllllllllllll day long. He cracks me up with his ideas and feelings about kids and stuff. I can totally relate to him.

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