Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm baaaaaaaaack

I had an awesome weekend! My sister, brother, and Step Mom were here and we just hung out and ate LOTS of food. I feel so guilty and I'm going to start a very rigorous diet in the next few weeks. But enough of that.

Here's some pictures from the weekend (because you know I had to take some).

Tipsy Laird from The Pub.
My brother Nick and sister Sam.
me times three
Sam and Jennifer (my step mom)
Jennifer and Nick
eating some hush puppies from Q.
look at that FACE allllllllll in your FAAAAAAAACE.
it's sad that sometimes I can only get Wyatt to eat pickles.

I'm so sad to see everyone go. I hate being separated from them. It's good for us to re-group though because we can talk about my Dad and just be together and cry and laugh and totally go off on random tangents. It's very comfortable. But just to let you all know, Sam is actually moving in with me later on this month, so you'll be seeing more of her. That's really exciting for me because she's pretty much one of my best friends, and we get along pretty well. :)

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