Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old friends

Okay, so I actually got out of the house today! Woo hoo! Although, I feel bad because I didn't really take too many pictures while I was out. I hung out with an old friend and his wife (which is now a new friend). They're expecting a baby and it was so cool to see them! I haven't seen Doug since we were just out of high school. 

Here's Doug...

my attempt to play with layer masks on photoshop elements
And I didn't get any of Carla because she wasn't having it. She's preggo and I'm sure just doesn't feel like having her pic taken. BUT SHE CANNOT ALWAYS ESCAPE ME. I'll get some shots of her soon. :)

So of course, when we got home it was regular bedtime routine like normal.

Bathtime -

he's pretty much obsessed with that wiener 

And then of course here's a little bit of arrogance...

Regular bedtime routine, right?

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