Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Punishing a 1 year old

Wyatt has learned how to become indignant. He thinks he has a right and a "say". I wonder where he learned to protest? If I don't let him do something, he instantly goes into fits and throws himself down onto the floor and arches his back... etc. He's only 1 years old! And today he kept slapping me in the face and I could tell he meant it. He had this look about him. And so I kept telling him NO really stern, but then he'd look at me and do it again. So I smacked his hand (not hard I swear), and you should have SEEN HIS FACE. He was so heartbroken (and I almost died of laughter), but I'm not going to be raisin' no brat. 

Am I wrong in thinking that he's old enough to be punished? I mean, I'm not BEATING him, but I am saying NO and giving him a little swat on his hand if he's super defiant. I really really really feel like he's starting to understand how to be "bad" and he likes to be "bad". Tell me your thoughts on this...

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