Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rowan Hoeft

Yay! Rowan Olivia Hoeft has arrived!

If you don't already, go on over and follow TART

She's seriously the most stylish mama ever. And she's new to this Mommy club, so that makes some good reading :) (so am I so whatever no disrespect). 

beautiful jessica hoeft

Is it weird that I just did this post on my own accord? I'm just so stoked that she had her baby. We're friends on facebook and I set up my phone to get SMS messages every time her Mom would update on her labor status. I was in Target when I finally got the "BABY IS HERE" status and I was so excited. I need to chill out on this whole blogging thing. But it's seriously an awesome outlet for me and I feel like you guys are my friends. I wish we could all live on the same block and just raise our kids together. It'd be like a mommy utopia. 

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