Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating...

We went trick or treating tonight. Actually, Wyatt and I just walked around with our neighbors and watched them have a good time. I felt bad, but it's hard to trick or treat with a baby that's not walking. And I didn't feel like going up to people's door steps and saying "trick or treat" with a candy bucket and act like Wyatt was asking for candy. Because he really didn't care or would ever care... sorry. I was kinda bummed to not have Josh there, but it'll be fine because next year Wyatt will be really enjoying himself and love getting tons of candy. Hopefully Josh would be around then and we can take Wyatt trick or treating.

Jose and Tiffany holding their son, making their rounds

"uh, this is stupid."

Rockin' the Bjorn... it was short lived.
Torres Family
Jose and Anthony

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