Monday, October 4, 2010

Wyatt's birthday!


Party went pretty well. I was bummed that a bunch of my friends didn't show (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND ARE OFFICIALLY EX-COMMUNICATED... just kidding, sorta). But for the most part it was really cute and I loved seeing everyone.

P.S. Wyatt made out pretty good too!

P.P.S. The cake was so rad!


  1. finally! i've been coming on here like twice a day like a stalker wanting to see pics from his b-day party. at least i voted every time.
    looks like you both had a great time and the cake turned out AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! was it red velvet? if so, that's my favorite.

  2. Happy birthday little buddy!!!

  3. awesome pictures!!! looks like the party was quite the hit! happy bday to wyatt :) he is so cute!!

  4. cant believe its been a year already! great pics!!

  5. wowza! that cake came out incredibly! and bouge on people who stop following you.


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