Monday, November 29, 2010

Body update

As awkward as this may be (for me especially), I'd just like to be an inspiration to other moms out there that we don't have to "give up" just because we had a baby. In fact, I refuse to give up. I want to be the most fit and the best I can look. I'm not finished with this diet, but I do want to show you guys my progress and to explain a little bit about what I've done to get this far.

BEFORE: (for reference - I am 5'6")

still got that booty though!

Okay, now you ask? How the hell did you lose 23lbs in 39 days?

Well, I was hardcore. No sugar. No dairy. No Bread. No preservatives. No diet soda. Tons of water and herbal tea. Fruits and vegetables and lean meats. I cooked with only water (no cooking sprays or oils) or I baked things in the oven. My food portions were significantly small (100 grams of meat at lunch and dinner) and a cup to 2 cups of vegetables. I didn't eat past 6 o'clock and I had either an apple or an orange as a snack in between my meals. I also skipped breakfast.

Now, I know some of you are thinking - "SHIT. NO WONDER SHE LOST WEIGHT!" but, this was only meant to be a small, short term strict detox so I could then begin my new diet and eating lifestyle. I will now begin to add more vegetables and protein in my diet, but I will be balancing it out with working out. I also plan to slowly add in dairy, but I'm still not ready to add in bread. Eventually though. I didn't work out at all during the 39 days (not supposed to since I was eating much less than normal).

I will continue to not eat any sugar or preservatives, nor will I be having any fast food of any sort. I want to be able to control everything I'm eating, always.

I wish I took measurements! Oh well. I started this off in a size 10 jeans and now I'm a size 6 (and yesterday I tried a bunch of 6's on at Target and I'm pretty close to being out of those too). I was wearing a 38C and now I'm in a 32B (but this could also be because I have stopped nursing around the same time I started dieting). All my medium tops are too big and I'm wearing small/x-small tops.

This has definitely been a sacrifice, but it's been so worth it. I don't want to be controlled by food anymore. I'm sick of complaining about my body, and then eating 4 slices of pizza and some dominoes lava cakes to boot. I love food too much, and I need to change my perspective on it and make it more healthier and enjoyable at the same time. How good is fattening food to you when you're living in misery and discomfort and feel like your body is holding you back from having the best self esteem you could have?

If any of you have anymore questions, please let me know - I could discuss with you all the nitty gritty details if you're truly interested in uprooting your current eating habits. jessica.malia.craig at gmail dot com.

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