Friday, November 19, 2010

Don't bother reading this WHINE

I'm tired guys. Are you tired? I'm tired. I'm tired of feeling tired. I need to just be able to sleep all night and wake up naturally in the morning. I think waking up naturally will make all the difference. Even if I go to bed early, it always feels so terrible to be woken up by some BABY who doesn't give a crap. Remember how awesome it used to feel to sleep in on the weekends/days off of work? Where the hell did those days goooooooooo??????????? I miss them. I get so pissed and irritated when people without kids tell me how tired they are. I mean, they don't even know. Yes, maybe I don't do manual labor all day, but simply chasing/carrying/cleaning/changing Wyatt without a break makes me want to close my eyes as I type this. 

Yeah, I know it's worth it... BLAH BLAH BLAH... I hate all that Mommy feel good crap. Obviously it's worth it or I wouldn't do it. But every single morning I think about how I wish I could just sleep in, and then I cuss Josh out in my head a million times as I drag ass to the living room with Wyatt on my hip. I cuss him out because I wish he was here so I could get a break (terrible I know, not like he's not doing anything IMPORTANT). 

Anyway - this whiny rant is brought to you by TIRED NOVEMBER 2010.

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