Monday, November 22, 2010


Man, they need to invent some sort of better way to give vaccinations to babies. Maybe like, a jello shot or something? ANYTHING. Because my child is NOT thrilled about being jabbed 5 times in the legs. I was late in getting his 12 month shots, and so I decided to stop procrastinating and just get it done (I hate when he's all fussy and miserable so I was holding off). Anyway, so he got some shots (I really don't know what, SORRY) and a first half of a flu shot (great, so I have to go back in a month). I can't believe how much he screamed! Like seriously, he cried for about an hour.

***CONFESSION- I get nervous laughter whenever Wyatt has to get a shot. I have no idea why. I was practically full on cracking up because I was so nervous and his reaction to getting the shot was so tragic that I straight up busted UP in front of that nurse. I bet she thought I was the most cold hearted wench. I just couldn't help it though. He did the whole crying without sound coming out thing.***

 He cried all the way home from the doctor's office and then while we were home. Finally he fell asleep in my arms after crying himself silly. Poor thing. But then we had a pretty great day. Of course, his fever came on pretty strong this evening and he was all sorts of pissed and uncomfortable. He was desperate for sleep, so he's out for the night at 7:40. Here's to a better tomorrow...

These were taken minutes before putting him to bed. Look at how over it he was.

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