Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rocky the dog

We used to have this awesome dog named Rocky. Unfortunately he passed away (he ate one of his TOYS! and totally died from it). He was only 3 years old, and he was truly the best. Yes, he was a pit bull. I know there's a lot of controversy around having a pit bull as a pet, but despite what the media says - they're AWESOME pets. They're lovable and cuddly and they think that they're big babies. Of course, you hear about all these pit bull attacks and unfortunately that's due to poor ownership - which sucks for the good owners because the breed is slowly becoming banned everywhere.

ANYWAY - I've been sorta distracted lately and blogging has been difficult because my sister is here and I haven't been really doing anything worth a damn. So I'm feeling unmotivated. When I was looking through my old pictures on flickr, I noticed I had a ton of pictures of Rocky stuck deep down in there. So, it got me thinking about him and how I probably could never have another dog as good as him... and if I ever did get a dog again, I don't think I'd even get a pit bull. Even though I love them as pets, IT IS SO HARD TO FIND A DECENT PLACE WITH A PIT BULL. Not only that, but people automatically judge you/your dog just for having/being a pit bull. If I got another dog (which I doubt because I have a kid and the thought of walking it and cleaning up after it totally turns me off), I'd get a boston terrier or a bulldog.


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