Friday, December 17, 2010

being all busy like

Today was a pretty good day! In fact, it was a wonderful day.

morning movie time.

It started off with Josh and I going out to look for a work out bench (because my husband lifts weights) and honestly, we couldn't find one that fits his standards (BLAH). Then we got carry out at Chipotle and headed on home to eat it.

OKAY GUYS, GET THIS - I took a 2 hour nap all by myself. I got to wake up NATURALLY and just roll out of bed. It was beyond marvelous guys. I have never felt such wonderful bliss.

Then it was out to the mall again to get some Christmas presents for family.

talking to his mom on speaker

thinking about sleeping
gave up

coloring at red robin!

Tomorrow we're heading north for my Aunt's annual Christmas party. I'll be sure to take pictures! So, talk to you all soon!

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