Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Great Exchange

Do any of these adorable babes look familiar to you? Well, they all got together and decided it'd be cool to do a baby blogging gift exchange.

Bennett from A Sorta Fairytale sent Wyatt his gift.

That is one THOUGHTFUL baby.

So now Wyatt is the proud owner of this cool billed beanie. 

he's mad at me bennett, not you. :)

hanging out with dad, getting to know him.

Wyatt truly loved his hat actually. He's known for ripping them off his head, but this one was different! He kept it on and just wore it for the evening.

Bennett, thank you very much for getting Wyatt this awesome hat! It really reminds me of his Daddy's style. Here's Wyatt's Dad wearing his billed beanie.

(If you're curious who Wyatt bought for, go on over to Me and Mine and check out what Ryan got!)

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