Monday, December 13, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Just a quick update guys!

Finally met up with Josh last night at around 2 am and it was AMAZING! But I forgot my memory card so I couldn't take any pictures. Just these cell phone pictures...

my make up looks WHITE (i swear it's not).
So, wanna know how it all went down? I sat in the car waiting at the squadron for Josh to get there and to finish turning in his weapons and do their little meeting thing. I waited for probably an hour! The anticipation was killing me and I was exhausted, but also at the same time incredibly wired (maybe because I had 6 cups of coffee). And then, I see him! He was walking towards the car and we both had the most stupidest grins on our faces. It's like we can't help but be cheesy at that moment. There's no time to worry about being cool when you haven't seen your husband in 8 months. So I ran up to him and we kissed and hugged and he told me he missed my smell and just kept breathing me in. He did this the last time time too. He wedges his face in my neck and just inhales deeply. It's so sweet and makes me love him even more. 

And then we went to the hotel and yep, so....

Sam stayed home with Wyatt (since he was in bed and 2 am is a ridiculous time to have a baby sit in his car seat waiting around) and woke up with him this morning. We got ready at the hotel and totally came home right away so Josh could see Wyatt. 

It was a tad bit awkward. Wyatt doesn't know Josh at all and it's very painful for Josh, but he understands. Pretty much Josh has been luring him with gummy snacks and his laptop (since Wyatt is obsessed with laptops). Josh said he'll do whatever he hast to do to get Wyatt to warm up to him. But these things take time and we knew that. It just sucks that it's happening to us. Soon everything will become normal again and Wyatt will see that Josh is his Dad and things will be great. It just sucks because it's hard to not try to force it.

Uh, what would be your first American meal? Josh's was Taco Bell. And yes, it snowed today! Nothing stuck and the sun came out and warmed up things for a bit. It was just an annoying mess for a while. 

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