Saturday, December 11, 2010

Josh is in the U.S.!

Old pic of Josh in Iraq 09
Words can't even describe how excited I am. My husband is in the U.S.A.! He's in Baltimore now, checking into a hotel with the rest of his unit and trying to just get through the night so he can come home! Tomorrow I'll be re-united with him, so uh... don't expect to see any blog posts from me. I'll be a little... bizay. We're getting a hotel and Sam's going to be on baby duty. This will be the first time I'll be separated from Wyatt actually, but I'm actually not even sad about it. I really need alone time with Josh, and honestly, I need a break from Wyatt. So this is a win/win.

Josh holding a little jaundice Wyatt
Can you freaking believe 8 months have gone by already? It feels like time was in fast slow motion, you know? I'm finally at the point of it being over, and yet, while it was happening I thought it would never end. I'm so happy to finally see Josh's adorable face. It's always so exciting to finally be in front of each other again. It's kinda nerve wracking, but in a good way. You'll feel your heart pounding so intensely and you suddenly can't sit still, just sitting in the car, waiting to see him pull up to the squadron. OH MY GOD. How am I even going to sleep tonight? Maybe I should knock myself out with something? When Wyatt wakes up at the butt crack of dawn, he'll probably be surprised to see me running around drinking espressos and cleaning the house/putting make up on/figuring out what I'm going wear. I'm so in love with my husband, I never talk about it enough... I should. 

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