Thursday, December 16, 2010


GAAAAAAAAWD. I've been a terrible blogger. To be honest, I've barely even thought about blogging. We have been playing catch up for the past few days now and it's been so great. Josh has been super dad and is really hands on and helping me. Today Sam and I totally went off and did girl stuff and even had lunch, and Josh stayed home with Wyatt watching Shrek. It's wonderful! Is this what your lives are like? Because I had no idea that things could be this gooooooooooooood. NEVER TAKE YOUR HUSBAND/PARTNER FOR GRANTED. Because seriously, being able to go off for a couple of hours alone is like amazing and you don't know how good you have it till it's gone. Okay?! Moving on...

So, I've been using the good ole cell phone for all of my life capturing lately. I'm finding it just awkward to lug my camera around lately. But here's some goodies...

EW WHAT IS THAT STUFF?! Yes, it's horrible, wretched snow. I haven't taken Wyatt out in it yet because all he has are little pleather baby shoes that would seriously not keep out the wet and cold, so he hasn't really experienced the snow yet. Plus, shortly after this picture was taken it started to sleet and now we have a huge slush outside.

Wyatt's new amazing trick is falling asleep in someone's arms. This is pretty epic for Wyatt actually. He's kinda notorious for being a picky sleeper and I've always kinda coddled to him in that way. But since Josh has been home, we've been out about more (not really going anywhere), and Wyatt will zonk out when he's had enough. We both ended up carrying around Best Buy because I couldn't carry him anymore, my arms were getting tired. Wyatt even stayed asleep for the transfer of arms! That's AMAZING. And, then he stayed asleep when we put him in his carseat. Another epic win. Oh, and W fell asleep in my arms at Costco yesterday too. I guess we're back to two naps a day now.

Been trying to look all fancy for my MAN. Ha, wait another week and it'll be back to the same ole gross me. Just kidding. But it is kinda tiring putting on make up every single day after hardly ever wearing it while he was gone. Also, check out that insane bouffant. 

And in other news - after attempting to get Wyatt to eat ALL DAY LONG, it was Mr. Josh Craig who succeeded and it made him very proud. I told him he's doing an amazing job and he told me he's trying his hardest. I'm really proud of my husband. It's probably really hard for him just being thrown into this mix. Literally not having hardly any baby experience (when he left I exclusively breastfed and never got W used to a bottle so I was his only source of food). And now we have toddler-ville over here. It's so great though and Josh thinks everything that Wyatt does is amazing and cute and funny and awesome. So, we're happy over here. :)

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