Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cell phone picture day

Random cell phone picture day.

Wait what? We're in Target? Again? 

 Doing what he wants. 

Chipotle time. Wyatt of course likes to eat NOTHING so he's enjoying some delicious Kashi crackers. 

And then he wiggled out of his safety belt and decided he'd rather just stand on his high chair. Again, he just does what he wants. 

Enjoying some cool new to me clothes sent by Jolie from Tres Jolie. It's so exciting that someone would actually send me some clothes! She heard my annoying plea for some stuff that actually fits my new body and so she packed up some things and sent it my way! I'm so thankful because lord knows I need some FREAKING clothes. If any of you are thinking of going through your closets and are looking to donate any of your old clothes (in sizes small/x-small tops or size 4-6 jeans) please let me know! (Maybe we could work up some sort of deal? jessica.malia.craig at

This is my sad closet. WHAT THE HELL!? All of those hangers used to have things hanging from them. 

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