Saturday, January 1, 2011

Curious Wyatt

Hi friends. I'm just in awe at how grown my baby is getting. It's really becoming more and more apparent to me lately. There is such a huge difference between how he is now compared to his first birthday in October. He's losing that baby look, and is looking more and more like a kid. Sometimes I stare at him and try to imagine what he'll look like as an older kid. Do you do this too? And, I'm really seeing myself in him more and more. Sometimes his facial expressions are IDENTICAL! Genetics are a scary thing.

And yeah, we're ALL sick now... but I'm not that bad. I've been popping Airborne tablets ever since Wyatt started showing signs of being sick. Josh is super sick though. I feel like I'm living in a super germ infested house right now. I'm doing laundry and trying to keep everything wiped down the best I can. Wyatt just rubs his boogers all over everything. 

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