Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Family day

So, lots to talk about! For starters, my mom (I sometimes refer her as my step mom, but she's way more than that) has left and we're sad. I really miss her and I feel very lonely when she's gone. I'm in desperate need to be a solid family unit with her. I hate how scattered we all are. BUT ANYWAY, so she left today after being here for a couple of days. It was a nice visit. We didn't leave the house and we just sat around and talked. It was kinda relaxing...

We exchanged Christmas presents and I am so thankful! Jennifer loaded us up like you wouldn't believe. Wyatt got literally a ton of awesome clothes (including Dexter's kill outfit) and a membership to MyGym.  I got an amazing Dooney and Bourke bag and wallet, an amazing Brighton bracelet with my birthday stone, Wyatt's stone and our anniversary month, and all of our initials, and a rockin' Nightmare Before Christmas mug. It's so pretty and I can't stop looking at it/wearing it. Josh was LOADED with GNC goodness... and this is the best part...

Wyatt's college tuition. I cried. 

There is nothing more important to me than to make sure that Wyatt has everything that I never had. I know my Dad would be so happy to do that for him. I really miss him.

Wyatt wasn't his BEST these last few days. Very, very whiny and tired. He's also still trying to get over being sick, but I still feel like he was just a grouch randomly. It bummed me out because since I don't get to see Jennifer that often, I want him to be perfect for her. But you can't make kids perform unfortunately. 

Enjoying his KILL outfit (Dexter reference).

I had the camera turned on me for a change. Josh took some shots of me and Wyatt. One of them above isn't very focused, but I still like it. I was giving him a few pointers.

Aren't they gorgeous together?

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