Thursday, January 6, 2011

Food woes

I have given up in the war of trying to get Wyatt to eat FOOD. The kid loves all the snacky crackers/puffs/cheerios and bananas and watermelon and go-gurts. AND. THAT'S. PRETTY. MUCH. IT. I mean, sometimes he shocks me and actually tries something else, but for the most part, that's all he eats. Scary huh? Scares me too. If his food is in those spill free, squeezable pouches - he loves it. That's why he gets go-gurts too. He suddenly stopped wanting anything from a spoon/spoon fed and I could never get him to eat anything. I've even fed him mac and cheese with my hands because he just wouldn't eat it from a spoon/fork. Very peculiar huh? I think it's dumb. And you'd think he'd just feed himself... nope. He'll throw it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY KID!?

Anyway, so, I've decided to just go back to what I know works. Who cares if he's taking a step backwards in the food department? At least he'll be getting some nutrients.

I can't help but feel like this is a major mom fail that I can't get him to eat a pea or a piece of broccoli. Please, tell me your experiences! And yes, I've tried mixing veggies with things, I've done all of it. You can't mix veggies in things if your kid doesn't eat anything. It's not the taste that he doesn't like, it's the way he's being fed and the consistency. He'll eat pureed spinach from a squeezable pouch!

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