Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Getting rid of TOYS

That's it. I'm over my house being completely cluttered with these stupid toys that Wyatt doesn't even play with. He has tons of stuff. He doesn't even touch 90% of his toys. He'd much rather play with random things around the house, and thats fine... but why am I holding on to all of these things?!

Wyatt's favorite things to play with are -

+Bath and Body Works plug ins in the wall
+The trash can
+Things that he can throw away in the trash can (my cell phone, a sock, a spoon, etc.)
+Toilet paper
+Playstation remote or the buttons on the actual Playstation
+Our laptops
+The diaper basket where we keep all of his clean diapers
+Josh's skateboard
+The bottom drawer of the stove
+The pantry cabinet and all of the food inside
+Shampoo/lotion/hairspray bottles in the bathroom (probably his favorite thing of all time)
+The dreaded toilet

The only toy I actually see him play with is probably his guitar. And it's not even age appropriate, so that totally makes sense that he loves it.

We're moving in about a month and a half and I'm seriously going to be donating some toys to Goodwill. OKAY MAYBE I'M LYING. As I typed that out I was overwhelmed with guilt thinking about getting rid of my baby's toys. What if he suddenly likes them again?

These pictures are proof that he loves everyday objects more than the hundreds of dollars worth of toys that he's been given.

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