Friday, January 14, 2011

Less like a baby

Trying to wash his own hair.

Who is this child? He's been so interesting lately. I look at him and I'm sometimes totally shocked. He's doing super cute things.

1. Laughs whenever anyone else is laughing because he thinks we're laughing at him.
2. Climbs ANYTHING. 
3. Thinks he has the right to walk around any store unsupervised.
4. Spits out food he doesn't like.
5. Obsessed with raisins.
6. Likes to hear the sound of his shoes against the tile floor.
7. Adores his Dad, but still gets shy around him when Mom is holding him.
8. Puts anything he can in the trash or the toilet.
9. Babbles to himself all day, but no real words! Just Mama, Dada, and NAAA NAAA.
10. Tries to use our phones, and even holds it up to his ear. Also, we have touch screens and totally knows how to unlock them.

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