Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mom guilt

Bad Mom over here. I've been extremely distracted. It's totally my fault. I'm trying to catch up on Flipping Out and so I downloaded all 4 seasons and I've seriously watched all of season 2 today. TERRIBLE. God. I have done 2 loads of laundry, dishes, cooked 2 meals, and bathed the child and obviously fed him and changed his diaper all day... but I just kinda feel like I didn't engage with him like I should of. I just feel really bad about it because he was SO good and SO cute today. I missed a really good opportunity to be with my kid. Why have I allowed myself to get so into watching this show?! I'm going to be extra keen on him tomorrow, I swear.

GUILT. I seriously have a lot of anxiety built up thinking about it. Do you do this to yourselves too?

Sitting in my kitchen, zoned in and looking AWESOME. Ha. It's a no make up kinda day.

By the way, watching shows on my laptop today because Josh has completely taken over the TV catching up on LAME ASS anime on Netflix. Feel sorry for me. 

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