Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week in cell phone pics - link up

Hey guys, are you participating in Amy's (from A Good Life Blog) week in cell phone pics link up? If not, then you shhhhhhhhhould. 

Okay here goes... actually, these are in no particular order. Just all from the week, randomly.

At the grocery store.

Learned how to take off his pants.


These three pictures go out to my anonymous posters who like to be haters. Wyatt is not always watching TV. In fact, we do SOMETHING almost everyday. And yes, we watch TV when we're home chillaxin'. 

Homemade guacamole and stuffed bell peppers.

Cool tights, Wyatt kicking the couch, and the giant busted lip that he got right before bed tonight.

Thomas' 100 calorie english muffins with 7 grams of fiber ya'll! Watching Flipping Out in the kitchen, and educating Wyatt about the ways of Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Loving his parents.

Don't forget to link up!

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