Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yay for My Gym

My step mom had given Wyatt a membership to My Gym and today was our first class! Very exciting!

Except someone forgot to tell Wyatt that he was supposed to participate in the games and lessons the instructors were trying to teach. Wyatt threw temper tantrums and totally had meltdowns everytime I tried to get him to sit still and sing the songs that all the other babies were singing. They kept doing little dances and all the other babies totally were doing it! And some were first timers too. Great, I have THAT kid. The one who is totally rebellious and annoys all the other parents. So I kinda just let Wyatt do whatever he wanted.

I get that some parents really like the sitting in a circle and singing songs about our heads and feet thing, and it is cute. But it's just not Wyatt's thing (not yet anyway). I wish it was less structured and more just GO WITH THE FLOW. Everytime we had to stop playing and go in the circle, Wyatt would get more and more pissed until he was totally done with that place. The class in an hour long and honestly, that was enough time. He was cranky and wiped by the time we left

I'm really excited about this membership though because I think it'll be great for Wyatt to get his energy out, especially in the winter months.

Have any of you joined one of these baby gyms? And if so, how did your kids react? I'm sure he'll learn to participate, but I'm wondering how long it'll take him?

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