Sunday, February 20, 2011

I call this, "BACK OF HEAD"

Do you know how freaking hard it is to get a decent shot of my kid's face?! He's constantly on the go. And he's FAAAAAAAAST. When I'm out taking pictures with him, I usually come home with about 100 shots. And I swear, maybe 20 are use-able. I usually just keep shooting because I never know when he might turn around and look at me. There's lots of calling to him and making crazy noises to get his attention, but he's so smart. Nothing works. I have found that he straight up ignores me and doesn't even look at me while I have my camera out. I'm starting to feel guilty about this. Like maybe he's feeling annoyed?

I love/hate how curious he is though! Although, I'm literally chasing him all day, it's awesome to watch him learn and have fun and play. :)

(Oh, and Friday it was 77 degrees SUCKAS!)

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