Saturday, February 19, 2011


So, have you guys been reading about Jessica's awesome fashionable life on her blog TART? Ugh. Way to make me feel so frumpy! Just kidding! Although, I feel like I can learn a lot from that chick. She tells her friends to never own clothes that you don't absolutely love, and you'll never have ugly clothes! How awesome is this advice? And yet it's so simple. I'm an idiot for not realizing this. I mean, I hold onto ugly t-shirts with dingy armpits and a random SPCA cat on the front (am I describing a t-shirt in my closet right now? maybe.) because I think, "I'll wear it when I dye my hair". And then the next day it's on me with some jeans and flip flops. WTF? That is pathetic. 

I'm turning over a new leaf. Starting tomorrow. Okay, starting soon.

What I'm wearing (although this outfit is not that impressive, but I felt kinda cute).

Cardigan - HELLO? 10 DOLLARS IN THE LITTLE GIRL'S DEPT! Seriously look there for stuff. Just get bigger sizes.
Blouse - F21
Tank under Blouse - H&M
Leggings - Target
Flats - Target

Oh, and for those that are interested - Wyatt has on a Gymboree pajama top and some Carters cotton pants. 
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