Monday, February 21, 2011

Rockabye Baby giveaway!

Dreamin' of a holiday across the sea to escape baby's cries?
 Why bother? Take control of the good life. 
When your little troublemaker gets cranky, 
let our gentle renditions of Weezer's biggest hits transform your nursery into an island in the sun. 
The perfect situation isn't only in dreams.
listen to samples here.

Anyone interested in a sweet Rockabye Baby giveaway?

Well, TOO BAD! Because I'm hosting one here, right now!

To enter this giveaway all you need to do is simply comment right here telling me which Rockabye Baby album you like best. Go here to see all the different albums. You're not limited to just Weezer! You can win/choose from any of their albums.

I listened to the Rockabye Baby Renditions of Weezer the other day actually, and while Wyatt was never the lullaby type (mostly my fault because I never played/sang to him), he totally was into listening to it. He seemed kinda calm and just settled playing with his toys. Probably a fluke. I don't know. But it's a really sweet sounding album.

Actually, I'm listening to this right now and Josh just said, "WOW, this is Weezer? This is awesome!" He's currently laying on the floor reading his Nook. Okay. So it's Josh approved Ya'll. 

The company would really like for you to check out their sites - so, go.. check em out.

I'll choose the winner through and Rockabye Baby will send you your CD. Yay! This is exciting! This giveaway will close Friday! Please make sure I am able to get a hold of you! 

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