Saturday, February 5, 2011

Week in cell phone pics - link up

I'm trying to do these more, but I've been sucking at it. Anyway, here's my week in cell phone pics. I'm not sure the exact dates each pic was taken, but whatever, you get the idea.

Please link up with Amy at A Good Life blog.

does your kid fall asleep 5 minutes before you get to your destination?

enjoying some awesome big screened tv goodness at my sister's house.

He likes Ann best I think.

And loving on Drake as well.

Sitting in a "big person's" chair and eating a cookie.

Enjoying everything that Borders has to offer.

Enjoying the playground at the mall.

Got rid of a ton of baby toys. This is all that's left. WHEW! 

Enjoying some more NEW to ME clothes. These khakis were one of MANY things sent to me from Summer. Her blog here. Again, people just amaze me. 

And a minor meltdown for NO reason. 

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