Friday, February 18, 2011

What a day! Beautiful 70 degree weather means we need to take full advantage of it. I almost feel like all my posts are about the weather, but whatever. That's all I really am interested in these days. I'm always worried about if the day will be tolerable enough to go outside, since that's what little Wyatt likes the most.

We walked to a little outdoor mall that's near my apartment and I let him run around in their courtyard. We don't live walking distance to the park or any sort of real nature, so the courtyard has to do until we get our big awesome back yard.

Side note, I apologize for those horrendous jeans I'm wearing. They're my husband's and for some reason I thought it'd be so cute to wear big baggy jeans cinched with a belt? They just make me look like I'm wearing Mom jeans to 5th power. Jeez. I wish I knew how dumb they looked. Oh well.

I hope you guys noticed Wyatt's awesome new boat shoes. I love them! Perfect for summer weather. 

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