Friday, March 4, 2011

30 photos

I saw this on Danielle's blog and thought it looked fun. So, here goes...

1. Someone you spend a lot of time with -

2. A picture of you-

3. A random photo of you and your significant other-
Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

4. A picture of something that makes you happy-
being fat and pregnant! (also 2 days before Wyatt was born. I hated life. My face is huge.)

5. An old picture of you-
Almost 4 years ago.

11th grade! I was dating Josh at this time.

6. A picture of your sibling-

7. A picture you've never posted on your blog before -
Cinco de Mayo in Delaware 3 years ago.

8. A picture of a person you miss-

9. A picture of people who knew you now and then-
My youth group friends. So weird. Since I have a perm in this pic, I'm in 9th grade.

10. A picture of your favorite place-

11. A person you can tell anything to-

12. A picture of your everyday life-

13. A picture from a place you love-

14. A picture that reminds you of great times-

15. A class photo-

16. A picture of the best day of your life-

17. A picture that always makes you laugh-
Josh put his gear on me... and look, we had a dog!

18. A picture of your spare time-

19. A photo from a great night- 
drunk. we're never this happy.

20. A picture of people who are closest to you-
I obviously look like I just had a baby. Man.

21. A picture of someone you always have a good time with-

22. A picture of your parents when they were (around) your age-
That's me! Wyatt takes after me huh?

23. A picture from last summer-

24. A picture of your closest friend of the opposite sex (not your significant other)-
I am awkwardly 13 and still friends with Clifton.

25. A picture of you on your favorite vacation-
(san antonio)

26. A picture of an accomplishment-
(losing 50 pounds)

27. A picture of your closest friends-

28. A random picture from photobooth-

29. A photo that makes you smile-
Madeline's first birthday.

30. Someone you will never let go of-

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