Saturday, March 26, 2011

Anthony and Chavo came to visit

This was just too cute to not share.

Our friend Anthony is home from being stationed in Italy for two years (aaaaand he's Italian, so go figure) and he got a cane corso while over there. It's been awkward for him staying at the Navy Lodge and keeping this big ASS dog cooped up in the hotel over there. So he's here tonight and so is Chavo! He's the cutest dog ever. I love him so much!

I'm still happy being pet free (no clean up, no walking, no worrying about coming home early to walk them) but having this huge gentle giant around is making me so nostalgic for a dog. I'm holding strong though.

This dog is super great with Wyatt too. He's only a year old and still has some training, but Anthony's got him pretty good. Although, I did see Chavo steal food from Wyatt's hand, but he was gentle about it.

Isn't he adorable!?

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