Friday, March 11, 2011


What an amazing day!

For the first time since Wyatt was born, Josh and I got to go out to the movies! Can I just say that it was nothing short of AMAZING? Honestly, just walking into the theater and immediately being hit with familiar smells of a BABY-LESS life made me so nostalgic. I have never been more ecstatic to smell funky old popcorn smell. Watching a movie without Wyatt and being able to hold my husband's hand or just laying my head on his shoulder in peace was just great. 

Oh, and go see Battle Los Angeles. It's freaking great! I loved it so much. I cried! It was just that great. If you have a loved one in the military, it really hits home. Except there's aliens and stuff, but whatever!

And then, we went and picked up Wyatt from my sister's house and went to the Sugar Plum bakery. AND WE WERE SO BAD. Like, 38 dollars later kinda bad. I'm just going to go crazy this weekend though, 'cause I'm going to get back to being strict again. I've been kinda slacking in the clean eating department lately and I'm just so sickened with myself. My goal is to lose another 15-20lbs.. but before I do that, LETS EAT.



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