Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Yeah, I will NEVER go out around Wyatt's bedtime again. Worst mistake ever. Sorry Cheeseburger in Paradise. :(

The kid did the whole back arching thing, screaming on top of his lungs, and simply just trying to get away the entire time. Honestly, I'll put up with a lot and even stick it out when he's freaking out (sorry random people around me) but it was just plain ridiculous. In fact, I left early...

I was so pissed! I just finished my strawberry margarita and I hadn't even gotten my food yet. Plus we were out with Michael, Sam, and John and everyone was waiting for their food and drinking. I hate being the ONE that has to go home all the time. It really sucks. And I freaked out on Josh 'cause I was pissed about it too. But, that was wrong. I feel bad about that. His friend was depending on him and he couldn't ditch him. Blaaaaaaaaaaaah. What it all bottles down to is that I SUCK AND SHOULDN'T PUSH MY CHILD WHEN HE'S TIRED. 

But Wyatt, you kinda do owe me.

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