Monday, March 21, 2011


Since we've moved into this new house, I can sense a change in Wyatt. The first couple of nights it was such a bitch getting him to sleep. He was used to me carrying him and pacing our big bedroom until he was sleepy. His new room is small and there really isn't any room for pacing. So I usually hold him for a few minutes and then lay him down in his crib and just rub his head and chest until he falls asleep. It takes FOREVER! He starts playing with his blankets and starts smacking my arms (playfully) and just totally refuses to sleep. I have to admit things have gotten better, but getting him to sleep takes literally DOUBLE the amount of time. I used to be able to leave him in his crib and he'd just go to sleep. Now if I do that I hear screaming. 

I'm starting to wonder if Wyatt is changing in the sleep department. He used to nap at around 11 am (after waking up at 6-7am) and now it's the HUGEST struggle to get him down at 2-3 in the afternoon. I'm just beginning to see him turn slowly into a kid and not needing as much rest. I think I'm forcing him to sleep when he's not ready, but it's just so hard because I can't have him staying up too late. 

Anyone else deal with this?

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