Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tips with using FLASH

You know, I'm really not a photographer. I just like to take pictures and I'm kinda obsessed with my son, therefore I take lots of pictures. But sometimes the settings for taking pictures just sucks. Like at night. So you're forced with using flash and the pictures instantly just look so... drastic. It almost takes away from the subject.

Also, I've been using my P&S all week 'cause my life is a wreck and I don't feel like pulling out my DSLR during all this moving stuff. So last night I thought to tape a make shift "filter" over my flash. I know that this is not an original idea and that people do this all the time, but I suddenly thought of it and felt like I was so smart. So I tried it.

I taped a paper towel folded in half over my flash. I'm excited about the warm effect it caused over my shot. Plus the flash isn't nearly as bright and sort of "spreads" more evenly over the picture.

These pictures were slightly edited with a little pop and sharpening, but I wanted to basically show you the effect of covering your P&S flash with a "filter".

These pictures were taken in a room with zero light. I should of taken a picture without the paper towel filter to really show the difference. There would have been a very very dark background and Wyatt would have been washed out with a bright light flash. Especially since these pictures are so close up (my camera was within a foot of the subject), it would have been very extreme. 

Anyway, I plan on trying this technique with my DSLR too sometime. Let me know if you guys try it.

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thanks yo.

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