Friday, March 4, 2011

Weirdest post ever.

Is this weird? I'm about to blog about a slipcover. 

After countless arguments about why I felt like we needed a new couch (I lost by the way), we decided that getting a new couch was NOT in our budget. I pouted for an entire day and stared at my old couch and cussed at it and critiqued it like crazy. It's a micro suede couch that was actually really nice back in it's prime. But micro suede gets weird water stain marks and the only way to fix it is to scrub or shampoo the entire couch. And it's such a job. Plus the arms have this weird grayish tone in all the stitching and it just looks bad and I hate hate HATE it. 

Today I went out and got a slipcover. How easy was that?! I had been throwing sheets and blankets over it to protect it but really it just looked worse. The slip cover I got was from Target and around a hundred bucks (UM WHAT? IT'S JUST FABRIC) but it's freaking amazing because it's super tight and stretchy. When you get up from sitting on it, it just stays the way it's supposed to. I've had slip covers that I was constantly adjusting. They can make your couch look worse.

So anyway, I'm just so stoked about my slipcover that I actually thought I'd blog about it. Because it's so great. Here's more information on it if you're interested in getting one too.

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