Thursday, April 7, 2011

being petty...

Huelya Mti-

it's actually not FATAL. that's probably the worst word to describe my kid watching tv.

and, yes, we watch tv when we're home. but i think it kinda sucks that you judge me from my random blog posts. how do you know that he's sitting in front of the tv all day? i kinda feel like it's ridiculous that i even need to defend myself, but we're out and about almost every single day. my kid is the most traveled and experienced kid ever. we've been going out and doing things since he was 1 week old. i do not think that watching tv on our down time is bad at all and i think it's great. i love watching tv. i watched cartoons as a child and i also ran around and played outside. how dare you judge me. we moved into our current house because we wanted a big backyard for our son to play in, which he does every single day if the weather permits. 

i think it sucks that you would even read my blog- i would just hope that positive people would want to come back and just be supportive of me, as i am supportive of my readers. i don't know if you're a mother or not, but there is nothing worse than having your parenting judged by someone who doesn't know you. my child is SUPER loved, well taken care of, and healthy. we offer him the world and will continue to do so until we are dead in the grave. please keep negative comments about tv watching to yourself because you truly do not know what your'e talking about.

also, i'd like it if you would never come back to my blog. i'd hate to tempt you with a picture of the tv on in the background. i know you just can't handle making others feel inferior to your amazing "clean living" ways. 


Wyatt literally comes with us everywhere we go... and we go out A LOT.

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