Saturday, April 23, 2011

Doing it again...

Friday was generally pretty successful.
Took a two hour nap.
Got a little grocery shopping done.
Completed one full day of NO COFFEE (I'm only stopping it for 30 days. It's not the coffee really, it's the creamer).
Finished the first day of my diet. Yes, I'm doing it again...

who could forget these painfully awkward pictures?

I'm doing a very strict diet for 30 days. I won't pain you with the details, but it's pretty much no sugar (except in fruit - so pretty much no processed foods and breads), no fat (except what comes naturally in lean meat), and no dairy (just to assist in weight loss). I'm doing this for 30 days alongside a low calorie diet. I'm hoping to lose some major poundage since I've gained about 8lbs since the picture above (AH I HATE MYSELF). The last time I did this I lost 30lbs. So we'll see how successful I am this time around. The best news? Josh is doing this with me! We did our first day today and it went pretty well... except I'm a little hungry right now, but it's to be expected. It'll take about a week to get used to. I think I can sacrifice 30 days of my life. I really want to be bikini ready this summer. TEAM CRAIG!

If you want to read more about my diet the first time around, go here. :)

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