Monday, April 25, 2011


I hope you all had a great Easter yesterday. I'm afraid it sort of snuck up on us and we didn't really celebrate it. There was no Easter baskets or candy of any kind. I'm dieting... ugh. Still doing good though. I'm just really missing my coffee with half and half right now.

I didn't get Wyatt any sort of Easter basket because quite honestly, I FORGOT! I don't think I probably would of anyway. What does an 18 month old need candy for anyway? But, I'm sure next year's Easter will be more fun for him anyway...

My husband has informed me that he will not be dieting with me anymore. This majorly sucks because it's so hard to diet with a non-dieter in the house. Although, he has promised me that he will not eat fast food while I am dieting, so I think that's a decent compromise. I spent the afternoon making chili and homemade salsa and just random stuff he likes so he wouldn't be lazy or tempted to just run out to Mickey D's or something. It was totally killing me too to not just eat up everything I was making! But I'm holding strong. I was down 2lbs this morning, so that is definitely motivating me to keep going.

Sorry, I know talking about weightloss and dieting is so boring! But it is what it is.

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