Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I need Mom advice...

Sometimes I get myself so totally neurotic about Wyatt and normal toddler milestones. I read all of these blogs and everyone's babies are doing so many different things and they're younger. Wyatt doesn't say too many real words. He says, STOP, DADA, NO, EYE... and he used to say MAMA but it's freaking impossible to get him to say it. I'm so freaking out because I just want him to be progressing. God, I'm such a whiny baby right now! 

I know he understands a lot of what I say though, which makes me feel a little better. If I ask him "Where's your milk?" He immediately runs to the fridge super excited to get some milk. If I ask him, "Is Daddy home?" he'll run to the front door and look out for him. But I just don't get why he hates to say real words. If we ask him to say MAMA for instance, he'll start whining and throw himself on the floor or hide his face. Like he's being defiant to learn? Oh, and it's not like he's NOT talking. He babbles allllllllllllll day long. Like his own secret language.

Did anyone else's 18 month old not say very much? Help me to not feel so crazy mommy-like!

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