Friday, April 1, 2011

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Our little shop started when I wanted to make some cute and handmade hair flair for my new baby girl. Well, turns out she hates anything in her hair or on her head. I still had the desire to create, so i decided to take the next step to open my own etsy shop. Willows and Bows, named after my daughter Willow and her love/hate relationship with hair bows of all kinds.

Crafting runs through my veins, and centers me. I love spending time on the delicate details of my pieces, but I love sharing them with the world even more. What started as a way to create things I couldn't find in the stores, has turned into a passion. Quite simply, i got tired of seeing the same ole thing made cheaply and completely devoid of love. I hope my work brings you as much joy as it does me. 

didn't want a baby blog but since my baby girl goes where I go, naturally this is what it has become. My name is Hanna & I'm guilty of taking too many photos of my daughter. Living the Simple Life is a blog about life as a first time mum in small town New Zealand (with a little bit of fashion, crafts & quirk to add).

I am a wedding & portrait photographer from Edmonton, Canada and my blog is full of happy people in love with the occasional random post thrown in.

Hi, I'm Beckie from Me and the Grub. I write about my family, raising our baby grub, planning a wedding (to a dad blogger, whoa) and anything else that may come up. Stop by if you like iPhone photography, four letter words and broad generalizations (we're good people).

Hello IROCKSOWHAT friends, Mandey here! I started the Mama Mandolin etsy shop out of pure selfishness and I've loved every minute creating goodies for it. My style changes with the seasons you you'll never know what little treats you'll find when you stop by...but know they were made with lots of love and maybe even more caffeine.

Hand made by Sam Riviello in her NYC apartment’s kitchen, Stars For Sydell features pretty tough jewelry for every day wear. All jewelry in this line is made from the finest materials, including recycled silver & gold, and stones stolen from antique treasures and baubles. Sam loves to work on custom orders so feel free to approach her with any idea you’ve got!
In 2010, Sam became a mama to a sweet baby girl, Aviva Jayne. She enjoys being a mom, being a wife, being a friend, and being somewhere sunny with a bottle of wine and a bag of Doritos.

This blog was started as a means of documenting my first pregnancy. Now? Now with two kids, I use it to remember what the hell I did yesterday. {I'm serious... I have no idea.} I'm a married, working mom of two of the cutest kids around: Carter {2} and Brynn {10 months.} I'm a Philly sports lovin', wine drinkin', hard workin' mama. I grew up just outside of Philadelphia, in a beautiful town in South Jersey {go ahead... get your jokes in now, but I love being a Jersey girl.} The hubs and I were married on 11.11.06- our 5 year dating anniversary- and we're looking forward to celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this fall! And then who knows? Maybe baby #3 ;) So stop by our little piece of the {and try not to sing the song on your way over.}

doing my best to raise three little ladies with teenager tendencies. photographing my way through the day till bed time, when i can relax with a beer and prepare to do it all again tomorrow. while all along, studying to be a radiology technician and planning a diy wedding on a budget to my damn hot f. hubs. who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? hi, baby is my running monologue of the misadventures that are our life.

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