Sunday, April 17, 2011

non-impressive "stepping out" - hanging with the family

Things were really great yesterday. We walked around the Peninsula Town Center, had lunch at Abuelos, and played in the fountain. Wyatt freaking loved it! Since he's been able to walk it's been turned off and so he's never been able to play in the water before. We cracked up watching him get totally soaked. 

I love that Wyatt is now able to actually WALK with us places. We may go slower, but it's way better seeing him enjoy his world around him.

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I can't even believe I dare to link this with Mandy's Stepping out Saturdays but WHATEVA.)

Jeans- 7 for all mankind
Tank - Charlotte Russe
Hoodie - Target
Hidden sandals that aren't pictured - Target

Jeans- Gap
T-shirt- Marshalls
Hoodie- hand-me down
Shoes- Gymboree

Flannel- Target
T-shirt- Bruce's Skate Shop
Jeans- Target from SIX YEARS AGO
Shoes- Circa Shoes
Hat- Vans

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