Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh boy, to be a toddler

Now that Wyatt is 18 months, I feel like his curiosity has kicked up into hyper drive. It's literally INSANE what I keep him from doing from day to day. Like, blow your mind. In the last few days I have cleaned up marinara sauce from which he TOOK from the refrigerator and decided to POUR all over himself and then proceed to rub it into his shirt, swept up shredded cheddar that he also got from the fridge and managed to open the bag and then sort of just, SHAKE it all over the kitchen, caught him standing on the toilet after he got the shampoo that he also opened and poured all over himself and rubbed it into his shirt... and there's probably other things too but I just can't think of it right now.

I bought a fridge lock off of Amazon and it can't come quick enough. I'm so totally over him getting into the fridge every 5 seconds. It sucks that I can't even use the bathroom without this little monster child getting in there. Do I really need to bring him in there with me too? I can't even pee by myself!? 

He's so fast too you guys. Like he's the ninja of all toddlers. I swear. He can't hardly talk but if he sees you do ANYTHING once, he already knows how to do it. We literally don't do things around him so he won't know that he has the option to do it... like, open the oven or turn on the TV without a remote. He's a sneakster. 

Okay, I'm done. 

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In other news, my sister is going to be a mama to a little boy! She found out the sex of her baby yesterday! It's kinda funny that she's having a boy since we all thought girl. I actually don't even know why we all thought that, but we did. They're over the moon.

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