Friday, April 15, 2011

Short Hat Company review - AND A GOOD ONE

So, I just got Wyatt this super cute hat from Short Hat Company and it's seriously so adorable! I'm really pleased with the quality. It's like an adult hat, just made... shorter? I love it. I really want Wyatt to have clothes and style that isn't so baby-ish. He needs to be a cool dude and there's no reason to not start now... right?

Another pretty cool factor about this particular hat (Robo), it's completely adjustable so when my kid's BRAINZ keep growing, we can accomodate. WIN! or... WINNING.

I'm thinking Wyatt felt pretty cool in his hat 'cause he straight up wore that thing half the day. That's miraculous in itself considering he's 18 months old and has zero interest in keeping a hat on. But he kept patting his head and just lookin' awesome, so this hat is a definite must in my opinion. I think all kids should have good quality and stylish accessories just like big kids. He felt cool and that made me happy!

So, are you READY TO MAKE THE SWITCH TO SHORT HAT COMPANY for all of your mini hat needs? If so, enter the discount code IROCKSOWHAT at check out and receive 10 percent off of your order.  

Awesome huh!? Now go! Check out Short Hat Company and get your kid some cool duds!

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