Friday, April 22, 2011

Sweet Sweat

This picture cracks me up like crazy. For starters, my husband is dead to the world when he's asleep. So I probably took 10 pictures before I found one that I actually liked, all the while my boys were asleep. I think Wyatt inherited this ability to sleep through flash from Josh... or maybe the inside of his eyelids are permanently bleached from all the flash bulbs going off in his face since he was 1 minute old? I don't know, I don't care.

But the real reason I'm posting this picture is because this was our first REAL summer night. Josh and I are going to see how long we can go without using air conditioning. I know it's technically spring, but the other night it was probably 80-85 degrees and we were COOKIN'. We had our windows open and box fans going and things were going pretty good... but I think it was kinda uncomfortable for Wyatt. He of course decided that night that he wasn't going to be sleeping in his bed, so after maybe 8 attempts to get him back to sleep, I gave up (yeah, I still give up from time to time in that department- there are worse things). So the whole thing made for a difficult and uncomfortable night. Our sweat just mixed together in one large pool- aka our bed. I didn't really fall asleep until about 2am. This picture was taken shortly before that. I'm just really serious about having 300 dollar utility bills this summer. We're in a place three times the size of our old little apartment and I can't be blowing money like that anymore. Ugh.

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