Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're walking..

Today was really emotionally HARD! My child pretty much hates me. Like, I have never seen him scream and cry like I did today. Almost to the point of vomiting... and I literally don't know why. I'm assuming teething... 'cause isn't that what we always blame it on?

The first photo is me at my wits end, looking horrendous. I had to document his cry. It was amazing. My poor husband had to live with that slob for half the day (me obviously, not Wyatt). But then I decided I wasn't going to let little old Wyatt get me down! I got showered and dressed and Josh, Wyatt, and I took a nice long walk. It was pretty great! 

Guess who of course fell asleep during our walk? And he pretty much slept in my arms when we got home too. He didn't nap for longer that 45 minutes today before the epic tantrum of all time started, so I'm thinking he was just completely exhausted and couldn't stay awake for our walk.

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